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Celebrate the people you appreciate. This party is an expression towards Your People. Let them know you value and appreciate the beauty they have brought into your life.
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How it works


Think about the people you want to celebrate.

Order the box that suits the number of intended guests.

Upon the post's arrival, read your guide and get to planning!

Make everything beautiful and spend time with Your People!

We believe that friendships are worth fighting for. We believe in championing one another. We believe you should have real friendships. We also know that can take real work, so why can’t ‘work’ be a party?

Set aside time that isn’t their birthday to show intention. You know your friends best, so be intentional, choose vulnerability, buy some flowers, support one another. Reciprocate the beauty people have brought into your life.

Beauty is thoughtfulness, authenticity, freedom! Let’s thank our friends for truly knowing us, for challenging us, for cheering for us. We will see healthy friendships if we choose to pour into them. Let’s start by making this day as beautiful as possible.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

" we are soon to be moving away."

Portland, Oregon

"How beautiful is it, when a friend takes what matters to you, matter to them."

Genesee, Colorado

"I loved seeing women who had never met, have deep conversations, and create new friendships."

Golden, Colorado

"...celebrating so many people in my life who I love dearly and bring me joy."

Kona, Hawaii

“It was so nice to have all the postcards and playlists...

Arlington, Washington

"Today was restorative. It was so refreshing to have a day...

Granite Falls, Washington

“It was like we were in our own protected cove — the golden sun soaked scenery reflecting our conversation”

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