The Party Starter

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To help you throw the most beauty-filled party. This non-perishable, thoughtfully crafted box includes the following:

  • A Guide for smooth sailing into your party
  • Custom Seeded-Paper Invitations (They’ll grow literal flowers)
  • Slow-dried Floral Confetti
  • Custom printed Linen Napkins
  • Vile of Culinary Lavender
  • Original Recipes
  • Conversation Prompt Card
  • Chiffon Ribbon
  • Postcard Pack
  • Edible Pressed Flowers *Exclusively included in the “Big Box”

See a more in-depth description of the items below. Order the box that is suitable for the number of intended guests. Our boxes come in three sizes with free domestic shipping.

We want everyone to be safe and abide by the rules that are in place for our health — Please note, our custom boxes are non-perishable. If you cannot yet gather, we encourage you to order and plan something to look forward to!!

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  • A guide for smooth sailing into your party *with a slight history behind a Bquet day!
  • Custom Seeded-Paper Invitations
    Caught between layers of paper, seeds and dried blossoms are pressed. Handmade in Seattle, when you plant the paper, flowers grow! Subtly embossed with our floral emblem, the rest is left for the details of your day.
  • Slow-dried Floral Confetti
    These locally grown petals and blooms are slow-dried and pressed in-house by the Bquet team and will last you well through the winter season. We have mixed colors together that dance beautifully and packed into a 4×6 bag by yours truly. Please note that bright colors may fade with time as we do not use preservatives. For longer-lasting color, keep out of direct sunlight. Please sprinkle wherever you need a little extra color.
  • Custom Printed Linen Napkins
    90% linen blended with 10% cotton. Hand sewn, custom printed, in subtle violet and accented by yellow stitching. Stitched for lasting use, machine washable for many more Bquet parties to come. Machine wash cold.
  • Vile of Culinary Lavender
    Locally sourced from Washington State, this edible lavender is organic. Perfect for everything from appetizers to desserts (we’ve used ours for lavender salt). Ingredients: Organically grown lavender. As time goes on, the flavor and colors may fade as there are no added preservatives.
  • Original recipies
    Original recipes, exclusively for Bquet. We have food and drinks for whatever time of day you’re planning to host.
  • Conversation Prompt Card
    Intentional prompts to pair with your intentional gathering. How valuable to feel seen and known by your friends. If you don’t know how to start, here’s our little push.
  • Chiffon Ribbon
    Silk chiffon ribbon, in an array of desert toned colors — think clay, blush, white. We use them to tie-up party favors or ‘build-your-own’ bquets for guests.
  • Postcard Pack
    We believe in spreading kindness, so let your guests write a little note for one of Their Own. Originally designed postcards, 4×6, coated and printed at the highest quality.
  • Edible Pressed Flowers *Exclusively included in the “Big Box”
    Handpicked edible flowers from Bquet’s own garden. These are pressed to maintain maximum color. Perfect to press onto your special occasion cakes or cookies. Keep them out of direct sunlight or refrigerate. *Please note that bright colors may fade with time as we do not use any preservatives. Ingredients: Organically grown edible flowers, such as pansies. Pressed flowers can be brittle and delicate. These flowers can be eaten although may not taste great.

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2 reviews for The Party Starter

  1. Jenny

    This arrived on my doorstep and it was such an experience opening it! Everything was so beautifully integrated and thought about. Each thing ties together and I can’t wait to use it to host my friends! It’s going to be a special occasion!!

  2. Cassandra M.

    WE PARTIED. This box was so full. I loved the napkins and the mini-poster especially. This will become a new tradition with my friends!!

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