I’ve Seen Two Gardens

By Sadie Lowe

I’ve seen two gardens
among the wild
Filled with beauties untold
glorious and rare
humble and fare
together a wonder to behold

Within the soil of one was latent
a disease that none could tame
It ravaged the blossoms and
scorched the blooms
Until in one swift moment
a terrible flame
left the garden utterly consumed

What sickness could render
such beauty asunder
Comparison, Envy and Shame
Who could withstand
the withering flame
that came from these ruinous names

Within the other
of most lovely gardens
I beheld a miraculous thing
from the moss to the leaves
the flowers and trees
overflowing in beautiful ease

With refreshing abandon and uplifting candor
this garden sways in the rarest of splendor
Grasses frame flowers and leaves dance with trees
The functions of each, cherished and seen
Casting off need to strive or to hide
their blossoms continue, their leaves never to die

By Sadie Lowe